Post 32 - Chicago, IL

In 1994, plans were initiated for joint maneuvers between the American and Ukrainian armies named “Operation Peace Shield”. Needing Ukrainian language interpreters, a search began within the US military. Roman Golash and Walter Chyterbok participated in these joint maneuvers and acted as interpreters for the US Army.

It was during this period of time that they formed an organization called the Ukrainian American Military Association (UAMA). A conference was held in 1996 with other interpreters from the Chicago area. The UAV National Commander was present and suggested they start a local Ukrainian American Veterans branch and Post 32 was born. The founding members were Roman Golash, Jerry Jaworsky, Peter Lysenko and Walter Chyterbok.

In 2001, Mr. Golash left Post 32 in Chicago and started Post 35 in Palatine, Illinois. The direction of UAV Post 32 is mainstream. Post 32 deals with veterans issues and the concerns of our membership. We’re working with the national staff to help obtain a federal charter for the UAV. Through active participation, data gathering and information dissemination, we strive to inform not only the Ukrainian community but the public at large about the history, contributions and sacrifices to our country made by Ukrainian American veterans. On the lighter side, we’re also trying to have some fun along the way.

In 2001, our post experienced a dramatic increase in membership. We elected a staff of six for a term of two years and post members set our current goals and mission statement. We went about the business of choosing a patron for our post, acquiring flags and ceremonial weaponry, coordinating summer uniforms, opening bank accounts and setting up a working organizational structure. This includes fund raising and recruitment. Many of our initial goals have been met and today Post 32 is the fastest growing and one of the largest and most active posts in the UAV.