Ukrainian American Veterans
                                                              dedicate flags to St. Nicholas
                                                                        Cathedral School

                                                                                           St. Nicholas Cathedral School in                                                                                                    Chicago, IL has been a neighborhood

                                                                                       landmark since its founding in 1936.

                                                                                       Many Ukrainian American Veterans

                                                                                       attended this school during their

                                                                                       formative years where they received

                                                                                       basic schooling. Their being alumni of

                                                                                       St. Nicholas made it easy to have a

                                                                                       special bond between the UAV and

                                                                                       St. Nicholas school. There is a strong

                                                                                       history of our veterans supporting the

                                                                                       school with scholarships and student


                                                                                           On February 24th, representatives

                                                                                       of the UAV Post 32 in Chicago presented American and Ukrainian flags honoring that relationship. A set of two flags    presented American and Ukrainian flags honoring that relationship. A set of two flags was presented to adorn 12 classrooms. It is planned to name each classroom to honor a departed Ukrainian America veteran.
     Attending this dedication were Peter Bencak, UAV National Commander, John Steciw - National Adjutant and Service Officer UAV Post 32 and Adam Bihun - Commander American Legion Post 943. Joining them were Anna Cirilli - Principal, St. Nicholas Cathedral School and Lisa Swytnyk - Assistant Principal along with six students.
     When asked for his opinion on the value of a dedication, Commander Bencak said “It is a wonderful, experience for a veteran to meet with children to instill patriotism for our American flag and respect for our Ukrainian heritage”.

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Wheelchair Graphic

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Wheelchair Graphic

Second Annual Wheelchairs for Ukrainian Wounded Warriors Fundraiser

Since the beginning of the undeclared war between Russia and Ukraine, more than 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers have been injured. The National Ukrainian American Veterans organization is committed to help some of the most seriously wounded..